Show you don't care

play the ball,

Football is a force for good. Bringing people together and always striving to reach people through the power of the beautiful game. But there has never been an openly gay player at the highest level of the sport. Players have confided that they fear a backlash from fellow players and coaches - but mostly they fear abuse from the fans. Yet in the UK, surveys show that 82% of fans wouldn’t care.

Launched in Pride month 2018, the limited edition ‘Ball For All’ is not just a beautifully designed ball. It’s a symbol of hope and acceptance. So show you don't care, buy the Ball for All.

100% of net proceeds will be donated to LGBTQ+ causes including Just Like Us and Come Out 2 Play.


 "I think this is a great idea. Football is for everyone, regardless of race, gender or sexual preferences. It's a real shame that we still have to fight these battles in the 21st century but I'm hoping initiatives such as this will help bring much needed awareness and funds to the cause and will provide a sense of support and comfort for the homosexual players and fans of the beautiful game."

(Spencer FC | Hashtag United)


"I'm delighted that Ball for All is supporting the Come Out 2 Play campaign. The World Cup reminds us that football is a global game and should be for everyone, irrespective of who they love. It is incredible that, in this day and age, no male gay footballer from any of the major footballing nations has felt comfortable in coming out, and I sincerely hope that campaigns like Come Out 2 Play and Ball for All will change this."

Rob Harkavy
[Editor-in-Chief, OutNews Global]